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Night Miroir~
Nightmares and bliss in the mirror of the night
Recent Entries 
2nd-Apr-2010 11:24 am - Weird demon dream.
It started out with me and some other girl discussing renting a... thing. It was some kind of weird, small two-story structure with a dragon on top. It was customary, or something. I think we were medical students, or she was at least. We were talking about the expense and how we would do it and stuff like that. It seemed like we didn't have many options and like this would stretch our funds really thin. I discussed with my father not becoming an anesthesiologist, and he was all, "Of course you're not becoming an anesthesiologist!" all angrily. He was not happy about me going where I was going, but there was nothing he could do about it. I left and went back.

At the same time, there was something... Chinese restaurant-ish about the place. At least, I think this was the same place. At this point, I was only watching. There was a bunk bed, and in it was an adorable blond boy. With him was a man with black hair. They were having a discussion with another man, possibly also with black hair. The first man was a demon working with the boy and the second man, I'm not sure if he was a demon or human, but he was totally, snarkily incredulous of the demon's intentions and honor (if the second man was a demon, though, he also wanted to help, or at least he wasn't going to harm anyone). The demon was actually very kind and protective of the boy, and he was arguing about the nature of demons with the man. I guess the man thought harm was going to come to the boy or something or that the demon was not as good as he acted. The man wasn't terribly concerned, but he was very derisive.

Then, there was someone who was I believe floating, or else just high up in the room, and they had this huge, nasty wound on the top side of their head. The demon was basically like, "If you don't believe we can be like this, you're mistaken." or... something, I dunno. He issued some kind of contrary statement to the man. Then, a purple symbol (possibly a bat) appeared on the boy's forehead and his eyes looked possessed or strange in some way, and the eyes were possibly the same for the demon. The demon shouted loudly, no words, just a sound. They healed and possibly exercised the person with the wound. When this happened, the boy grabbed the spot on his head where the wound would have been as if in pain, but he wasn't actually harmed. After it was finished, the boy was panting, and the demon was taking care of him.
The setting was a palace of some sort, I think, or a very grand mansion at the very least. Fashion seemed slightly less ornate than Rococo, but more ornate than Victorian. Many people were gathered there, I suppose for some sort of event, and there was military presence, presumably to keep the peace and assure things went smoothly. Their presence was definitely benign. The uniforms were in a navy and white scheme, the jackets being vivid navy with white accents and the trousers being white. Come to think about it, it was a little Napoleon-esque as far as color and general stylishness went, though the uniforms were different in design.

Anyway, I had a character in this dream, but I was not myself. I was a pretty blonde lady, possibly with glasses. There was a soldier of a decently high rank. He had dark skin and black hair, and he was quite handsome. He caught a glimpse of me through a door or hallway and, though my character didn’t directly experience this, he told someone he would gladly be with me if he had the chance. I had, however, noticed him, and recognized him as a friend of my lover, a beautiful blonde man with glasses (lawl) who was also in the military. He didn’t seem to recognize me, though, and certainly didn’t know I had a lover or who said lover was. I don’t know that we had ever really met before, I think I just recognized him from descriptions, photographs, or perhaps glimpses. I believe the friend and I did meet briefly at some point, but I don’t know exactly how.

Later, tons of people were gathered in a room for an event or speech of some kind. The seats were in rows on both sides of the room, with a wide aisle in between. At some point, something went wrong, and some threatening people came in and started talking. I'm not sure how many there were, but there was at least one woman doing the main talking. During this I was frightened and sank down in my seat, but the woman noticed and grinned, condescendingly ordering me to "Sit up, princess!" I did, wishing to avoid harm. Eventually people started filtering out of the room. I was too scared to leave, I think, so at first I didn't, even though the room was starting to empty considerably.

At this point my lover came in and sat down beside me. I calmed down slightly at his presence and asked him about his friend, saying something like, "your friend, the sergeant" (it seemed like sergeant was a slightly higher rank than it generally is in this world). He was amused and said, "I have many friends who are sergeants." Eventually, the friend came in and came over to us, and a moment later, the three of us safely exited the room, my arm linked with my lover's. The area we entered was bustling and full of people. I think things were in a slight panic, but I got the idea that where we were was a safe place.

Things evidently either calmed down or we escaped to somewhere else, because later, the three of us were sitting outside. We were on some kind of high point, something like a gentle, sloping hill with a wall built over it. I was standing on the hill a little ways off, whereas the two men were sitting on the wall talking. Once again, I got a shot of something my character was unaware of, the conversation between the two. They were talking quietly; my character could not hear them, just see them. The friend had realized we were together at this point. He was a little lovesick, but had entirely resigned the idea of making any sort of move due to honor and respect for his friend.
23rd-Aug-2009 04:25 pm - Yet another weird school dream...
I was in some kind of weird school. One of my teachers was an old English teacher of mine, except it was a dream therefore she was crazy. She became somewhat obsessed with the fact that I was playing Animal Crossing, and then sent me on this weird errand or quest or something. First I went to the school’s basement or some lower floor and there was a restaurant. I ate there and paid but I forgot to tip, so I had to go back and try to find the girl who was my waitress. This was very difficult, as there were a ton of girls and they all looked VERY similar, though not exactly the same. Eventually I just handed a few of them money and left, getting on the elevator. The floor I got out on was damaged and contaminated with mushrooms. The fungus was absolutely everywhere. The light in the place was strange, sort of a grayish-bluish glow. There were several staff ladies there spraying and doing cleanup. I left quickly for fear of being contaminated myself. There was another strange floor, but I can’t remember it.
17th-Aug-2008 01:20 am - ZOMBIE WEDDING.
This is probably one of the strangest but coolest concepts my subconscious mind has ever stitched together. In the dream, I was a zombie and I got married to another zombie. I can't remember exactly what I looked like, but it wasn't much like myself. I was pretty though. My fiancé was quite the handsome dead guy, with shaggy blond hair, wearing a white shirt with a waistcoat. He had a gash on his cheek, I think. We were both rather pale and wounded all over, but not unnaturally colored or anything. We were sentient, and I don't think we ate brains or anything. We seemed to have quite a few human friends.

There was a flashback to our "courtship" I suppose. I had been in a relationship with him, but he was sort of a pompous playboy and treated it like a fling. I was heartbroken and so some of my friends chased him down and brought me to him. He was holding himself up in the ceiling of a gazebo, and I was standing there crying while my friends explained to him how much he meant to me. Evidently he softened and had a change of heart and fell in love with me at some point, as the "present" version of him was quite happy to be marrying me, and didn't seem like the unfaithful type.
13th-Aug-2008 10:40 am - I dream of Joker.
Maybe this has entered a full-blown romantic fixation xD. I've been suffering from severe Batmania lately, and the Joker is my favorite villain. He's crazy, hilarious, and honestly quite sexy. I actually prefer the Animated Series and comic Jokers to the Dark Knight Joker, though all incarnations are lovely.

I digress. Recently I've been rewatching the Animated Series quite a bit, and yesterday I bought and read The Killing Joke. The latter very strongly influenced my dream. I was a young woman in the dream. I don't remember how things started out (I think there were other people in the dream at some point), but a former lover had basically snapped and become the Joker. In the dream, the Joker was just a fictional character, but my old beau identified with him so much that he very creepily (but amazingly) assumed his identity. I can't recall the actual dialog, but we had a confrontation in my kitchen. He wanted to know if I still loved him, and I did. We embraced. For a moment he just held me close. Then he let go, and from that point forward, he was relentlessly in character. I had to do the same, so of course I was cast as Harley Quinn. Due to magical dream magic, I was suddenly in costume as well.

Mistah J was very controlling, and apparently not in a very good mood. He was constantly chastising and correcting me, and I was constantly apologizing and trying to do better. I tried to tell a joke; he was briefly silent and then put his hand to his forehead, correcting something about my delivery. I don't recall other specifics right now, but things like that. I remember wishing he'd quit acting like the Joker and just go back to being normal. But that didn't seem as if it was going to happen.

That's about all I remember. It was... pretty hot.
29th-May-2008 03:24 pm - Kidnapping Dream
What a crazy dream. It was the most vivid, plotted dream I've had in a while.

In it I wasn't exactly myself. I was a slightly older woman, probably in the 20-25 years old range, with long brown wavy hair, not curly like mine. I also had no glasses. I had applied to work at what I think was a Chinese restaurant, or a restaurant of some sort anyway. At first I don't know if the owner liked me, but I came back later for some reason, got to talking to him, and had dessert or something with him. We hit it off and I found myself really attracted to him. He was tall, with brown hair and glasses. The restaurant was closed and it was night, and I was walking out with him.

I wanted to hug him, but I wasn't sure I should since he was a probable future boss. Then I thought something like, "This is about no limits." and decided to do it anyway, but he was kind of far ahead of me and exited the restaurant. We continued to walk together and cheerfully talk, though I think there was about three feet in between us. At some point he invited me to come to a dinner he was hosting for I guess underprivileged or orphaned children, and so I agreed to come.

I think it was the next day. Where we were sitting there weren't very many of us but I get the feeling it was a big charity event with lots of people. It was one of those low, brightly-colored heavy plastic tables. There was the man, another woman, and there were two or three really adorable little kids, 4 or 5 years old probably, eating and coloring. I think it was around time for Thanksgiving but the kids seemed to associate Thanksgiving dinner with being told what to do, and so they and the man were chatting about how it wasn't a Thanksgiving dinner, and how you couldn't do this or that if it was. The man was soooo sweet. The kids also had crayons and markers they were coloring with. I don't remember exactly what we were eating, but I had a burger with ketchup.

Then the man and I were looking through a book about indications of childhood problems, or something... I'm fuzzy on this section For some reason there was a section in the book that looked almost exactly like the top shelf over my bed, which in the dream also had some weird drawings on it that matched up with the book. I was kind of upset by this as it meant something specific but I can't remember what or what exactly happened.

During the day the man and I were walking through town and apparently there was some sort of protest over what he was doing with the charity. Really big, with signs and everything. I can't wrap my head around why people would be upset over that, but they were. The man seemed used to this but of course I wasn't and got kind of disoriented. We wound up separated. I was trying to see if I could see him when a woman with red-blondish hair, older than me, grabbed me and covered my mouth. I squeezed my eyes shut and turned my head away, struggling to get free. She ordered me to open my eyes and look at her but I wouldn't. There was another woman there too trying to subdue me but eventually I was able to break free and ran off. I got to the restaurant and bad people were there too, so I ran again, no idea where I was going. I wasn't from the area and didn't know where anything was.

I might have done some stuff in between and there were at least four distinct people I knew where after me, but eventually I wound up at a hotel. There was an older woman, heavier, likely in her early 40s, who saw how distraught I was and asked what was wrong. In a low voice I explained the situation. She gave me $50 and took me by the arm. By this time I could see through a window that one of the guys who was after me was coming. The lady took me to the back door and there was a van there with bicycles and bicyclers. She asked the driver to take me along so he did. We drove away right away, and I figured we were out before they could get a car to follow us. I was starting to relax, particularly because we drove out of the city and there were a lot of obstacles which we easily got around but for some reason someone else wouldn't have been able to. We went out to a forest, I guess because there were bike trails or something.

I was standing in the forest with a bunch of younger teenagers, who I guess were on my side. But then a whole lot more came and they were working for the people who wanted to kidnap me. It was autumn; everything was carpeted with golden and red leaves and we were on generally flat ground but there was a hillside down to it and there was a huge, huge rock against the hillside. That's where the teenagers trying to kidnap me were. I don't remember what all of them looked like but a girl first noted us (not by me, but by someone I was with, I guess she was a target too? she had cropped red hair and an accent... Russian or German perhaps, I can't remember exactly what). The leader of the group had unkempt black hair and glasses.

We got up onto the rock with them and prepared to fight. We grabbed large fallen branches. The leader grabbed a particularly big one but I targeted him immediately. I think I kicked him and knocked him over. All the while they were spouting dark threats. At some point during this I had actually woken up but was continuing the dream in my thoughts. I do that occasionally. Eventually I realized I was conscious and stopped the dream, as I was tired of all the running around and fighting.
... is one without blood or monsters or murderers.

The most terrible sort of nightmare is one that could really happen to you, your mind playing out a scenario that is a possibility in a sea of possbilities- and it picks the worst one. This is what happened to me just now. I'm shaking just a tiny bit from it. Not going into great personal details, but in this dream I upset someone I care about very much; I upset this person greatly. This person was enraged and blew up and chewed me out, considering me an enemy and wanting nothing to do with me. I very seriously doubt that this would happen in real life, but I don't know yet, and there's always the possibility. I worry and I worry and I worry and that has a major effect on my dreams.
27th-Jun-2007 07:47 pm - Strange Dream World
(Note: I didn't have time to finish this entry, and now I barely remember what happened. This is being posted at least a month after it was written.)

Gasp! Actually logging a dream on a school morning! It's because this dream needs to be logged.

Unfortunately, I can't really remember the first part of this dream that much at all. There's a group of people, and there might be more but I know it includes at least these two guys. They're close friends, and also coworkers. I think they work in a dangerous sort of business, maybe something like bodyguards or mercenaries. Anyway, for some reason, one of the guys' (I don't really remember what he looked like but I think he might've had glasses and blue, long hair in a ponytail) dads, whom I got the impression worked with them too, knew he was going to die. They all knew it. The dad had long, dark brown hair kept free and brown or blue eyes, and a sturdy build.

The dad downloaded his personality into a kind of 3D game. It was like .hack//; you go into the game. The place was quite different, though. We (the other guy, whom I only remember had short hair, and maybe one or two other people, and I don't know if I was really there... I might've been, and it might've just been the one guy) were walking in what looked sort of like a long stone hallway. The guys were watching the game version of the father, who was standing and looking out into space (he knew he'd died in the real world I think). Short-haired guy... to avoid confusion we'll name him... Jay... anyway, Jay put his hand on the other guy's (whom we'll call Alan, and his father Phil) shoulder to comfort him. He said he was alright and smiled, but he kept standing around, looking at the game version of his father, and Jay knew he was depressed. I think other people were there, but standing off, letting the two best friends be alone for a while.

Then a lady walked up. She was tall with long hair which might've been a shade of red. She had been involved with Alan's dad in his life. She was very mysterious. We'll call her Sera. Someone said, "Oh, hey, Phil, look, it's Sera." Game Phil turned around, and I think they chatted for a while maybe, nothing much.

And here's where I can't tell if I'm a part of this game or a real person or both. It was very odd. But anyway, my dad, one of my sisters, and I were talking and driving and we got home to this small house up on a cliff. The car wound up going over the cliff somehow and there was a VERY fast and vivid scene of the car falling, but I guess it landed on something before it hit the ground and started going down rugged slopes because it didn't break when it hit the ground. He did lose control of it though, for the most part, and tried to stear it, but we wound up going into a river. We were alright, except we were in a rapid-moving river (someone even mentioned something like "These ones up here have rapids!"). We managed to keep our heads afloat and swim it somehow (though IRL I could never do that) but it was going to be HOURS before we got to our destination. We came to a place where the river branced in 3 places. We didn't know where which went and we stayed for a minute until I said, "Somewhere is better than nowhere." and started to head to the one almost straight ahead.
I've been having a lot of dreams lately though I didn't really know where to start writing some of them down so I didn't and I forgot them. But this dream I just had... woah. Wooooah. It was TRIPPY. I haven't the slightest clue where it came from.

The first part was Jigoku Shoujo related but it was a lot different than the anime. Ai was a real person and I don't think everyone knew she was the Jigoku Shoujo but this one girl did, a blonde girl. She seemed to live with Ai. They were in this place that resembled where Ai lives in the anime in the lighting but there was a dirt path road and a forest there in my dram. There was a guy who came to talk to her in a truck and I can't remember why or if he knew or not. The man may have known; he asked Ai about a string and I can't remember what she said about the first bit of string spoken of and then the second was on the side of the road. She picked it up and folded it up and said something about it too. I don't know what. Then there was another part of the dream about downloading Jigoku Shoujo, the anime, on the computer and getting a virus xD.

But that wasn't too WTF. Now, this next part is really, really, really WTF. The dream has a friend (I don't really know who; possibly it's a combination of my real life friends but not any one of them) and I reading this book. It starts out with weird people in weird but awesome clothes. It's kind of difficult to describe how cool they were... there were like, a bunch of female construction workers with bombshell bodies and bodysuits in cool patterns, up on one of those things you can roll up skyscrapers to wash the windows, and another picture of a black, gray-haired but young-looking lady in cool clothes standing up in this cool place, and pictures of a lot of people whose outfits resembled playboy bunnies' in general nature but very different from the norm... different colors, patterns, lace, netting some places. Some of them were very certainly drag queens xD. Anyway, stay with me now: this is the normal part of the dream.

We keep reading the book, and all the sudden it turns into this comic. The characters weren't anyone specific but they seemed to be a blend of KoF characters with maybe some YuYu Hakusho-ness in there. They were different but some people resembled characters from that. There was, for example, a very Iori-looking guy but not quite... and he had a top hat. Anyway, as we read this, the dream starts switching back and forth from us reading the pictures and as if I were viewing the events in the comic really happening, like watching a movie.

There was an Athena-esque character though she's not exactly like Athena and we find out later that her name is Lunae. She was either fighting or conversing or both with this one girl whose name I think was Raven (no, not Teen Titans Raven). The girl had black hair maybe in a ponytail and at least part of her outfit was black.

So then... one of the characters goes to speak with the prince of the dolphins o_o. I kid you not. I have no idea why he wants to speak with the prince of the dolphins, but he has to, and apparently it's very dangerous. Apparently this prince of the dolphins is not a very nice person. Er. Not a very nice... dolphin-man. Because the prince of the dolphins is a GIGANTINORMOUS, HOT MERBOY. Seriously, he's huuuuuge. Taller than my house probably. But he wasn't actually... dolphin-colored, I guess? He was completely in black and white... his skin was very pale and his eyes and hair (which was long and looked wet, for obvious reasons) were black as was his fishy tail. Er. Aquatic mammal-y tail.

So obviously this guy was pretty threatening (if... extremely, extremely hot). Not helping matters for our little hero boy, the skies were dark and stormy and the seas were unruly (I figure that just happens with the appearance of the feared prince of the dolphins, kinda like King Neptune). The human talking to him was standing on a pier. Dolphin-boy said that the people of the land and the sea had to make a "pact." As in, he wasn't going to give the human something for nothing. So the human agrees to do something for him. Dolphin-boy wants to observe our human boy. Yeeeeah o_o. So he puts the human into a clear sphere, like a bubble, that he holds in his hands, and keeps the human's head human but turns his body from the neck down into an assortment of sea creatures. Like a squid. Or a jellyfish. Then a shark. This is when the rest of our protagonists show up (well, most of them). They run up on the pier with hopes to save their human friend and... they fail horrendously. It's a mega-fail. Dolphin-boy just splashes them, basically, and they go flying like bowling pins. I think the pier might've partially broken, I don't know.

So he's TICKED OFF now. He gets rid of the sphere and is telling the human, whose body is currently that of a shark, that he's going to just throw him into the ocean and good luck breathing through his nose unless he happens to have a pair of gills (which sadistic dolphy didn't happen to give the guy any functioning gills). He's about to do this, when who shows up? "Lunae, princess of the sea, [somethingorotherIdon'tremember but it had the word "princess" in it]!" Turns out this dolphin prince and the magical girl are CHUMS. Sorry about that pun, it was completely unintended. Lunae called him by name but I don't remember what it was. It might've begun with n or m and I think it ended in ae as well. She said something about talking to Raven and Neptune (who I had the instant knowledge was a woman and not the god of the sea but just someone named Neptune, I assume magical) having been in trouble or turned evil or something. She also asks him to basically stop antagonizing her friends, which he does xD.

And... that's about it.
21st-Jan-2007 02:33 pm - Car crash dream.
This is the most recent dream I had and the one I remember the best. I woke up from it, so the last details are very fresh in my mind. Needless to say this dream could easily stem from my fear of cars.

I'm pretty sure we had been at my grandparents' house, and my dad was still there doing something, talking or fixing a computer or whatever, and it was going to take him a while. He does that. My mom went ahead and was taking my sisters and I home. It was twilight; the sky was bluish gray. I don't remember any headlights or streetlights anywhere though.

We were driving along this stretch of road, perfectly straight, and we had come to this really long bridge. It was also perfectly straight, but you couldn't look ahead and see were it ended. There was a red light on the bridge but there were no cars as far as the eye could see so my mother ran it. We drove and drove far beyond that point and I think originally the road was one lane but widened into two, and we were passing this tractor trailer. Just as in real life I kind of stiffened up and got worried because I'm always worried that the truck isn't going to see us and we'll get smushed, but we got up to the point that the truck definitely should have been able to so I relaxed and thought, "We're going to make it."

Just then, the truck veered over and struck our car as my mother tried to veer away. The car was broken into pieces or something, and slid over to the edge of the guardrail and broke through it, but miraculously nobody was hurt. My sisters were kept in their seats, whereas my mother and I were thrown from the car but we had caught this cable that was also thrown from the inside of the vehicle and were hanging onto it. My mom dropped down and instructed me to do the same. Over the side of the road, which was on top of a level hill-type-thing, was forested. There were trees and the ground was brown soil with all the plants poking up through it. It wasn't particularly grassy though; the side of the hill was also brown soil with those weeds.

Somehow we knew my sisters were okay without being told so mom was just trying to figure out what we should do. She instructed me to call my dad (I think the phone had been thrown down with us, otherwise one of my sisters tossed it down) and I did. Then we tried to see if we could climb up the side of the hill (the soil looked rather loose) and slowly but surely we got up there with my sisters. That's all of the dream I remember.
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